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This is what a $1.5 million costume looks like!

Posted On: Mar. 05, 2015

As Halloween is two days ahead either most of us already have a costume in mind or doing last minute Halloween shopping or not bothered about halloween at all. Well apparently this is not a regular BD 20 ($ 53) costume, meet the Million Dollar Morphsuit which is $1.6 million, to be precise. 

Designed by the costume company, Morphsuit it's a skintight, spandex affair that's dripping with diamonds and about 20,000 of them. There's only one available in the world, and it's currently locked away in London, waiting to be sold by someone who have a million to share. The retailer has priced the suit at $1.6 million as a reflection of the quality of the diamonds used and the time it's taken to create such a masterpiece. 

So if you like bling bling and shiny this is one costume that will make you stand out!

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