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Look Stylish in the Office 2014

Posted On: Mar. 05, 2015

You think that you must change your style if you work in office? We definitely do not agree with this. All what you must to do is wearing clothes that makes you to be just a bit more elegant. If you have a dress code in your company then that is different. But if you do not have, you can see our cool suggestion to find your office style that you will love it. Are you ready to be the best dressed in the office? Click through for our trans-formative tips!

Tip 1: Swap out your blazer for a trendy jacket.

No need to always play it safe, add a little edge to your uniform.



Tip 2: Challenge yourself to not wear any black. Your outfit will look instantly stylish.

Ban black for a day, and instead introduce an airy floral to your outfit, extra points to wear these pants with high heels.



Tip 3: Show off a printed blouse or volume shirt with your office trouser/skirt.

If you’re feeling extra daring prints or love volumes, wear a patterned blouse or volume shirt with your pencil skirt or trousers.



Tip 4: Bring your jumpsuit up to dress code by topping it with a smart blazer.

Blazers do not only creates visual interest, but also lends a professional air when worn with a simple yet chic jumpsuit.


Tip 5: Trade in your standard dress for an asymmetrical wrap dress.

Basics like wearing simple high heels and shear stocking, feel fresh when paired with an unexpected detailed zipper dress, draped plum dress or chic wrap dress.


Tip 6: An impressive accessory can transform your entire look.

Dress up basics with a standout necklace or bangles.


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