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Kendall Jenner, the new face for Givenchy?

Posted On: Mar. 05, 2015

I'm sure you all know the half sisters of the Kerdashians, Kendall Jenner in the reality TV Show "Keeping up with the Kerdashians". Well now it's all about keeping up the Kendall and her major career these days. Kendall has first started modeling since she was 14 with many fashion campaign and runway model. She was recently spotted as runway model star for Fall/Winter 2014-2015 Givenchy in March, Paris. It's official, she's one of the most in demand models around! The 18 year old has landed her very first fashion campaign yesterday, and it's Givenchy. 

Jenner (far left) sports dark lipstick and an animal print frock which fits right in with the group's vampire vibeJenner's technique seems to be working. She has already booked gigs with Chanel and Marc Jacobs. No doubt, we'll be seeing her on quite a few runways come fashion week this September.

What do you think of her new campaign?

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